Monday, October 1, 2007

Sweetness peaking in...

Gillian can sometimes be quite a little stinker. She learned long ago that the best way to get what she wants is to have a solid argument. She will debate the validity of her choices and, for the most part, it is hard to come up with an acceptable counter to her proposals. Hilarious, I know. (Sort of.)

Lately, she has decided that it is in everyone's best interest if she sleeps in our bed at night. Now, for one thing, I have no idea why all of a sudden this is so important. Has her growing brain suddenly realized that our bed is bigger and more comfortable or has her imagination taken giant leaps of monster realizing steps? Maybe she gets lonely over there and thinks that it isn't fair that we sleep in one room and she's all by herself. No idea. But the sad fact is, I simply can't let this one slide. Even though I kinda want to. Even though, okay, I sometimes let her. Even though I know that it's just a phase and that soon enough she'll hate us and won't give us any kisses and I'll never have the chance to hear her little cutie pie self begging to sleep with us again.

So, the other night, she was negotiating for the family bed. Giving the puppy dog eyes, breaking it down into,

"Mama, why not? There's enough room for all of us! I promise not to kick you. I won't snore! I've got my own pillow!"

And I'm,

"Because, I'm soooooooo tired! I just need to go to sleep! I know you have a pillow, and you won't kick or snore but I just need you to go sleep in your own bed!"

And then she pulls the,

"But my bed is so hard! Yours is soft! I can't sleep on that terrible rock! (and at this point she shakes her body as if to show me how uncomfortable it is)."

Can I just say here that the drama is really outstanding when she is working her argument. It's heart and soul!

Finally, she pulls out the real kicker. The one that, when I'm particularly vulnerable to her wiley ways, can sometimes work.

"Mama, if you don't let me sleep with you guys, I won't give you any smooches or hugs for TWO WHOLE DAYS! I MEAN IT!"

I hold my ground. She stomps off to her room.

About five minutes later, I walk down the hall to the rest room and hear her say, in a sniffly and weepy little voice,


I stick my head into her room and she continues,

"Mama? I'm SORRY!! (sobbing) I LOVE YOU! (more sobbing) I didn't mean to hurt your feelings! Of COURSE I'll give you smooches! AND hugs! And, and, and I'm SORRY!"

All this while smothering me with hugs and weepy smooches between teary eyes and a runny nose.

OhMiGosh, I love that girl.


ahna said...

Ah, the child of lawyers... I guess it really is genetic. If you two can win this battle, you can win ANY battle. :-)
I hate this fight. Thus, the marbles. I learned this trick from Soule Mama, I think (Except she uses little cubes.) "If you stay in your own bed, without any fuss, you will earn a marble. When you have 100 (or some other random number) you will earn __________." It has changed bedtime around my house substantially - even Yaya is all about the marble.
Good luck. I don't know how you can resist those eyes and that huggin'.

Bethany said...

Yes, marbles. GREAT idea! She loves marbles!

Um...Where do we get marbles?

Orange Blossom Goddess (aka Heather) said...

so adorable!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't know about you all, but I lost my marbles long ago! (Smile!)

Bethany, you could never stay mad at me either. Very adorable!

Love, Mom