Tuesday, October 9, 2007

639 more minutes until my alarm goes off..

Today I read an article that made me think. (Yes, I do that sometimes.)

It was written by a man who, on his relentless quest for efficiency and mastery of time, almost missed a beautiful snippet of life.

That is, the sweetness. The little things. The tiny love notes your children leave for you all over the house. The smiles from strangers. The time when someone backed off and let you merge onto the highway. And you waved to say 'thanks.'

And how fleeting it all is. But how precious.

And, yes, we're all in a hurry. We're all just trying to get it done so we can move on. Get home. Hurry up and get supper on. And brush the kids teeth. And get to bed.

And yet, we have to remember the little things. We have to remember to be here. In the moment. Right now.

I promise to do it if you do.

So, dear readers, tell me about how you take it all in.

How do you cherish all those minutes in the day?

Now, go remind someone else of it...and, maybe, we'll become masters of our time as well.


Galadriel Thompson said...

Howdy little lady. Thanks so much for your comment on my Bug guts and Cadillac post. It was a little weird. I got crazy goose bumps when I read it. Weird as in, very similar to my wedding story. My husbands grandmother died right before our wedding and we also had the funeral the day before the wedding. We also had an out door wedding. In a rose garden here in KC. As we were standing around waiting for things to get going it started to rain. Our wedding was at the end of July. The rain cooled things down, and right as the wedding music started up and I was ready to walk down the isle the clouds parted and the sun shone down in rays right on me, the wedding party and the petal covered path.
I'll have to use your little mood boosting advice next time I'm overwhelmed.
Thanks again!
hugs and bugs and rain showers too!

ahna said...

That's a good question. I don't always remember to stop and see the kidlets. It's hard not to get so wrapped up that I don't play. Playing is very important. Check out Inside Out and the stuff that I wrote about today for a couple of other ideas.
I hope that your Wed went OK.
See you soon

Orange Blossom Goddess (aka Heather) said...

In the general rush of day to day life it is hard to remember to stop and breathe. Thanks for the reminder with this thoughtful post.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday, I came home from work very tired. It was dark and dingy outside. Our living room was stacked with 18 orange and black Rubeermaid bins containing seven shelves worth of books being moved out of our [decaying, soon to be rebuilt] sunroom. The kitchen was strewn with dirty dishes. I sighed.

Then, suddenly, our funky little cat, Bogie, scooted out from under the bed, right past the "glow-in-the-dark, scare-you-out-of-your- wits" Halloween skull that my husband had positioned behind the bedroom door in order to give me a heart attack. Instead, the skull barked at the cat, who launched STRAIGHT into the air about four feet! I about died laughing. Not a bad way to go!


Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

P.S. I read that article in Newsweek, too. It was a great reminder to stop and munch the cookies. Or make the cookies. Or lick the spoon. Or just walk past the Mrs. Field's counter and sniff!

Love, Mom

Bethany said...

Wow. That is amazing! Another bizarro for the memory book. I thought we were the only ones!

It seems we've all been going through a little of the 'blahs' lately...

I hope school is going well!!

Hugs to you too!

Bethany said...


Hi, Dear!

Your writing is so outstanding...you are just the best!

Thanks for the warm fuzzies...

I'm calling you now about the pumpkin patch for tomorrow. We found a great one in Minnetonka last fall. Hope you guys can go!

Bethany said...

Ms. Goddess

(I like the sound of that...maybe I should use that from now on...No, Nathan, my name is not 'Bethany'. You will now address me as 'Ms. Goddess'. )

I love your quotable Friday! I need more!

Bethany said...


Oh, you! Thanks for the call the other day!

Bogie is soooooo hilarious! There are few things quite as funny as a frightened cat! I started laughing as I read that post...just picturing that gigantic cat jumping into the air was enough to give me a chuckle...but picturing the silly talking skull, in addition, was icing on the cake!

Mmmmmm. Mrs. Field's...We'll have to get a few of those when I come for a visit in October!

Love to you guys!

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