Thursday, October 4, 2007


I know I just did this...but it's Nathan's birthday and I love him, he deserves a tribute!

So, here are a few of the reasons for which I love this man:

He gave Gilly all those adorable baby genes...

How could I not with a face like this?

He still hasn't figured out where the potty is...

He's got such a fabulous amount of facial hair...maybe because he started shaving so early.

He rocks!

He's got the same ridiculous sense of humor as I do!

He manages to get in the craziest predicaments!

Yes, that's him stuck in a hole. And he and his brother in the fireplace!

He's such a strong, handsome, daddyman!

He's a wrestler...and that's SO hot!

He knew VW's were cool way before the rest of us!

He's such a smarty pants. He was elected to write his high school graduation speech and, due to his notorious procrastination skills, he somehow managed to write it two hours before commencement. Jeez!

He's so cute!

He fathered this beautiful girl...

And without him, we would not be such a fabulous unit!

We lovelovelove you! Hurry up and finish law school so we'll see you more often!


Orange Blossom Goddess (aka Heather) said...

Hurry Up Nathan! Bethany, thanks for sharing so many pictures and anecdotes of your family - its very nice to know you!

Bethany said...

Hello, Heather!
Nice to know you too!
We (heart) Canada down here!

ahna said...

Wish that man the happiest - belated - birthday that you can. I mean, one that would be appropriate for friends, not the wife kind of happy birthday. that's a little more than I feel comfortable with. No, just a regular "happy birthday,friend" sort of thing... maybe a punch in the arm...
Thanks for the great pictures. So vvery much fun!

Anonymous said...

We love him, too!

Nathna's Mother-in-law!