Monday, September 17, 2007

Who's it?

Okay, so I loved tag when I was a kid. Heck, I still do. Who doesn't love a good chase?

Ahna tagged me, Galadriel tagged her.

It's on. My full name is Bethany Dawn Kois. Here goes:

D is for DaVinci.
Science + Art + Bethany = love.
Are there any other artists who actually took the time to measure the dimensions of a horse's leg? And how many spent so much time dissecting the female form? I don't know if I should be flattered or utterly offended. But, anyway, I adore DaVinci.

A is for Aardvark. Because...what in the hell?? How did that one happen? My Father has always had some bizarro fascination with them and somehow manages to be sure that everyone else is aware of it. Like the time when he thought it would be a great idea to buy my Mother a stuffed Aardvark for her birthday. Not something she required or even wanted. Not something that could, in any way, be confused with something that a Mother of three naughty children, one bunny (Avogadro), two cats (Begin and Sadat), and an obviously suicidal Husband (because, did he really think he would survive this??!) would ever even consider an acceptable gift IN ANY WAY. Can you guess her reaction? My sister, brother, and I went running from the house and left our Dad to fend for himself. Ummmm...Yeah. It was about like that. We have pictures to prove it.

W is for the Western World. Is it us or them? This has always been an area of great head scratching for me. Can anyone answer this? My Mother takes frequent trips to China for business and, on her first trip over, she brought home a map of the world that she humorously insisted had placed us on the wrong side. As in, Asia was on the left side of the map and we were on the right. It's posted on her wall I think. I've been meaning to request one.

N is for Neanderthal. I married one. Not kidding. It's a running joke in our happy little household. Come over for dinner and you'll quickly learn why. Nathan, when eating messy food will hold his left hand in a gorilla like pose just above the plate and will occasionally shake off the dripping food or thump the table with his middle two fingers. He has no idea that he is doing this. It's hilarious. I watched for years without saying a word, laughing uncontrollably in my mind, and then couldn't hold in the hilarity of the thing any longer and blurted out to Gilly that her Father was a neanderthal and should have died out like the others years ago. I suggested we call the Smithsonian and report him. I'll try to catch a picture of it one of these days.

So, that's it. Whew! Now I'll go read the others...

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ahna said...

I LOVED this. Loved the cat's names - see where you get your sense of humor... would have divorced him, or at least forced him to sleep in the den - an Aardvark? Good Lawd, man. And yes, I've witnessed the thumping and flicking over the dinner table. AND, you linked EVERYTHING. Are you and I smart girls, or what?! I love linking. (Now, how do we do it in a comment?)