Thursday, September 20, 2007

Morning routine

Nathan gets Gillian ready for school in the morning. That's a post in and of itself, and one day I'll get a picture of one of her 'fancy' outfits, but it is not the reason for today.

Today I come to you to discuss oatmeal and giraffes.

Let me explain.

Gillian is a very picky eater. Shocking. I know. She likes to describe things that are gross in terms that she and all of her little buddies will understand. Perfectly reasonable.

This morning, so my husband tells me, Gillian was walking past the neighbors house and caught a whiff of their breakfast.

Gillian: What is THAT?

Nathan: That's oatmeal.

Gillian: It smells like a giant giraffe farted!

Good Gracious. I hope they didn't hear that one!

I guess I won't be force feeding her oatmeal anytime soon. Ah, well. Do you suppose home made granola might smell like a rhinoceros butt?


ahna said...

Ahh, only Gilly. And yet, such an ... accurate description. I wonder what it sounds like in French? No, you goof. Not the fart! What she said about the fart. Teach her to make comments in French and everyone is safe. ;-)

Shandy said...

hilarious! That is one creative combination!

alicia king said...

Beth, I was LMAO reading about G-Dawg's walk with Nathan involving the whiff of oatmeal. It will be so fun seeing her again next weekend.

Bethany said...

Hey, Dear! Nice of you to pop in!

We can't wait to see you! Gilly wants to stand and give you water while you run the marathon this weekend...

Orange Blossom Goddess (aka Heather) said...

LOL I love this post!!!