Saturday, February 23, 2008

Alrighty, then

I've about had it with this middle of the road fluffy stuff. I need to vent. I've been reminded of the radical, quick with the verbiage girl that I once was and it's about time that I payed her a visit.

My perspective is shifting back to thoughts of literature, politics, law, and music...and I'm getting tired of overhearing crap conversation about crap TV, crap music, crap food, and crapcrapcrap. There's a reason why our culture is consistently fed worthless, mind-numbing's because we tune in, people! Don't tell me about the latest sitcom on the CBS reality-tv lineup directly after you've derided your neighbors for not recycling. Please. You are just as guilty. So, until I hear you tell me that you've killed your TV, ended your subscription to USWeekly, and stopped buying 'organic' food packaged in some foreign country...back off.


by Johanna Brandvik said...

Go, sister! You are speakin' a fierce truth here!

Thanks for delivering the fine news about Mr. Logan! I'm sooooo looking forward to seeing him in Hollywood!

The Mad Chemist said...

Hi Bethany!

I saw your comment on my blog and thought I would pop over and say a neighborly hello!

BTW, I see where you are in St. Paul. I used to live in St. Paul off of Lexington Ave. I was a postdoc for about 15 months at the U. I hope to be posting about my experiences there soon.

Catch ya later!


celeborn said...

TV and the rags are both active and passive media.
Actively they contribute to the cultural decay by pouring out drivel.
Passively they are nothing more than pH paper, indicators of a corrosive banality.

Me? I choose to live on the ragged edge, bleeding, laughing, hurting, and having my heart broken... it is much preferred to what passes for living by all those people at the end of their television tethers.

kalurah said...

Iam guilty of this.
To a point.
The only shows I watch are "Monk",
"Psych", "Top Model" (I know, I know!) and "Project Runway".
Don't hate me because I am a mindless drone!! ;)
Seriously, though. You are right. Those of us who do what you just described ARE hypocrites.
Hollywood is force-feeding us trash and making us believe it is good for our soul.
You go, girl!! :)

Kelly C. said...

hells yea, mama! right on.

Heather said...

WOOO!!! YEA!!!

iguana banana said...

I'd comment in an intelligent fashion, but I am a little frightened. :-)
Sing it, sister! I am trying to find that authenticity myself.

by Johanna Brandvik said...

have you been sucked into the world of academia, never to return to the blog? i can only imagine what busy wonder you've been up to. hope that you and yours are enjoying the fade of winter into spring. warm wishes!!