Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I miss the old times.

Let me start by informing everyone how much I love movies. A lot. And we never see them in the theater. Ever. Ever. There are so many reasons for this, but the biggest one is: $$$$$

Why spend all that dough when, with patience, you can see it in the comfort of your own home? Exactly. So, we nearly never go.

BUT! The other day I thought I'd treat Gilly to a movie. We were excited to get out of house and see something in a 'moodie-teater', as Gilly used to call it.

We arrived ten minutes early. [Isn't that how you do it? Huh? It used to be! The only way to get good seats was to arrive early and sit quietly in the semi-darkness until the previews started all the while whispering in hushed voices about what was about to unfold before you. Someone would inevitably 'shush' you and you'd roll your eyes and giggle. Right?]

No. Gilly and I did not walk into a quiet theater room. We did not get shushed after whispering. We had no opportunity to roll our eyes at our fellow neighbors. We did, however, walk into a barrage of loud commercials advertising inappropriate television shows and various soft drinks. How utterly annoying! I mean, come on! Don't we get enough of this crap already? Now, we're paying them to chuck this junk at us? Seriously! This is one of the main reasons we got rid of our TV shows in the first place! Cripes!

In about six months, when we go see another movie, I'll be sure we come in late. Grrr.


iguana banana said...

I love movies - hate the previews. Daddyman of course LIVES for the previews. Early for us means, we arrive BEFORE they begin anything. The screen is dark and the musak is playing. Crazy.
BTW - love putamayo cds. I'd love to hear your french one.
AND - it's going to be awhile until I've built up the stamina to run, then I expect that you will be my running partner.

by Johanna Brandvik said...

yeah, the movie theater previews are looking more and more like tv. it's annoying. i'm also starting to see toyota commercials on pbs. doesn't seem right.

Kelly C. said...

omg, gross. i go to the movies very rarely these days, and there is no way i want to see anything resembling television while i'm there.

Jessica said...

We go to the 'budget theater' sometimes - now that is a place to see a movie - it's quiet and uncrowded! Plus, the cost for 2 people to see a movie at the budget theater is less than 1 ticket at a normal price - bonus!!

Anonymous said...

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